Leather from the roof of the world

The YAK (Poephagus grunniensis) is an Asian high mountain cattle from the family of the Bovidae. They live in Tibet 13123, 36 ft. above the sea level. The YAK was first domesticated in Tibet over 7000 years ago. They produce milk, yak wool and leather. The diet of the central Asian mountain nomads consists of yak meat, milk and dairy products of the yak (more than 90 %). As riding animals and beasts of burden they help in the transport and to till the fields. Yak wool serves for the production of cloths, blankets, ropes, felt-boots and tents. The dry faecal finds use as a traditional fuel.

The skin of the YAK is much thicker as we know from our cattle and is used by the nomads for the manufacturing of shoes, belts, leather ropes, transport containers, boats and saddles.
Yak`s leather shows an especially grain. It feels velvety soft and is still extremely robust.


These two characteristics, litheness and durability, make yak`s leather an exclusive pre product which fits very well to the high-class understanding of the company KLAUS UEBERHOLZ.

Klaus Ueberholz processes yak leather of the Lhasa Leather Factory in Tibet exclusively. The company combines high quality standards with modern environment protection and social responsibility. It was founded in 1959 and modernised as a part of a German development aid project for the purposes of ecological a social sustainability.

Lhasa Leather Factory employs approx. 350 Employees. 90 % of them are Tibetans, the remaining are Han-Chinese. 40 % of the workforce are female, the other 60 % are male.

The factory disposes work flats, a kindergarten, a bathhouse, a school, a hospital ward, and a meeting hall. The plant has an own drinking water supply. Payment consists of a base salary and premiums. Employees of the tannery, which is closed from mid. November to the end of February, because of the weather conditions, receive their base salary for this period. The plant supplies approx. 230 pensioners.


Cases of finest leather

Klaus Ueberholz designs and produces exclusive manicure-cases of finest leather for the industry of steel.


Smoker's accessories

Cigar cases, pipe bags and other smoker`s accessories made of high class leather or unique YAK leather inspire the sophisticated smoker.


Yak : Leather from the roof of the world

The YAK (Poephagus grunniensis) is an Asian high mountain cattle from the family of the Bovidae, which lives in Tibet, 13123, 36 ft. above the sea level.