News: the 6th time the company Klaus Ueberholz GmbH & Co KG placed the federal best apprentices.
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Klaus Ueberholz Leather craftsmen, Solingen, is a traditional family business with highest standards of quality, functionality, environmental compatibility and sustainability. All products are handcrafted entirely from high quality leather* in our manufactory in Solingen.


Cases of finest leather

Klaus Ueberholz designs and produces exclusive manicure-cases of finest leather for the industry of steel.


Smoker's accessories

Cigar cases, pipe bags and other smoker`s accessories made of high class leather or unique YAK leather inspire the sophisticated smoker.



For the love of the horse - the neck-friendly halter


Besides Klaus Ueberholz is an expert for leathers used as sword and saber sheaths. Our secondary range of products includes wallets, key cases, desk pads, binders, conference files, purses, dog collars and dog leashes.

*all materials comply with the EU chemicals directive REACH. They are PCP free and do not contain AZO colouring or chrome VI combinations.